Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Energy: A Kindergarten Perspective

Today's post is by @learningmurd, a kindergarten teacher in British Columbia, Canada.

The inspiration for Amy’s amazing #kinderchat collaborative blog effort is The Daily Blog Challenge  NaBloPoMo.  Their topic suggestion for January is Energy.   

 “We'd like you to think of ways that you're going to gather energy to use throughout the year as well as stave off any energy drains by realizing what is taking away from your productivity.”   

Certainly reading the Daily Blogs posted on #Kinderchat is one way that I gather energy.  This community proves daily to be a source of humour, inspiration, and reflection all at once.   It helps me to keep perspective.  

But often the best perspective comes from being able to see the world through the eyes of the young children in our care.  So.  This is a shout out to the kids who take, and give back, my energy everyday. 

A Kindergarten Perspective:

Seeds can grow into anything.  Seriously.  ANYTHING. 

You can tickle the tummy of butterflies.  They seem to like it. 

Everything is better when you wear Pet the Cat Shoes. 

This could be a beaver dam.  Or a log jam.  Or a nest.  For something big.
Like BigFoot. 

Daily Schedules need people, play, numbers, writing, rainbows, and do overs.

Sometimes letting someone bigger than you break trail is a good thing.

What energy do the children in your life give to you?  

Mardelle Sauerborn is a mom and a teacher.  Which is kind of the same thing.  Sometimes she blogs but never daily because you would get pretty sick of her rants and tangents.   


  1. The children in my life give me the gift and energy of laughter. Pure, innocent, delight in the discoveries of life laughter.

  2. :) thanks for sharing and reminding us the beautiful perspective that the children bring to the world.

  3. Mardelle, I love the images associated with this blog post. Not a day goes by that my students don't wow me in one way or the other with their energy and discoveries. I consider myself extremely lucky to be in a profession that I am truly passionate about and to see the smiles on my students faces each and every day.

  4. Love!! Seeing the world through the eyes of children is invigorating, indeed! Thank you for your post.