Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January NaBloPoMo: And it begins...

And we are live! Beginning today, there will (or at least there SHOULD...) be a new post right here in this very spot, every day for 31 days. Awesome, right?

Can I just say that you guys are amazing? Within 2 days of sharing the idea, we had more than 30 signups from guest bloggers. Some are blogging veterans, with well-established blogs of their own, and others are brand new to this whole writing thing. I cannot WAIT to see all the awesomeness that this will bring to all of us and our little community!

Here is a complete list of everyone who signed up to contribute this month. If you are not already following them on the twitterz, this is a great reason to start (please forgive me for being too lazy to do individual links to everyone's twitter account. I promise to do it when your posts are published!):

  • @CarrieMarshall1
  • @teachermeg
  • @klirenman
  • @clubliakinder
  • @mattBgomez
  • @mrsmelva
  • @dubioseducator
  • @sophnsully
  • @CountryFunCC
  • @coastalnicole
  • @garrioch
  • @HowePrincipal
  • @MauiMickey
  • @JPulvers
  • @learningmurd
  • @Kkidsinvt
  • @iluvtwek
  • @principalkmelt
  • @hanna_fale
  • @kathycassidy
  • @robitaille2011
  • @singalullaby
  • @scrappymummy
  • @blusky
  • @fr_immersion98
  • @debmeredith13
  • @hechternacht
  • @pschooltoolbox
  • @TheTeacherTom
  • @aruddteacher100
  • @w_hilary
  • @dorothyshapland
  • @smartbabymum

Whether you are writing a post, or just following along at home, here are a few suggestions/gentle requests to help this be even MORE awesome:
  • If a post rings true for you, makes you think, makes you question, makes you wonder... COMMENT! One of the very best things about #Kinderchat is that it is a conversation, and it is so awesome for an author to see their writing sparking dialogue.
  • I know I don't really have to say this, but when you comment, please be kind and polite and respectful. If you disagree with someone's stance, that is no problem. When you disrespect someone as an educator and a human being, that is a problem. As we say in my classroom: "Tell the truth with kind words and gentle voices."
  • If a post inspires you to write a response on your own blog, we would love it if you linked to your response in the comments. 
  • Please support other NaBloPoMo bloggers by visiting their posts, reading, and commenting. You can see a list of all the participating blogs right here. I did NaBloPoMo on my own blog in August, and it was so amazing to have new meet new readers who were on the same journey.
And, with that, I think we are good to go. What an amazing way to celebrate our third birthday! (Yup, that's right, 3 years ago this month, we started this blog. Time flies when you having fun - this site is proof.)

Oh, and one final nag: if you are contributing a post, please makes sure we get it no less than 3 days before your publication date. Feel free to submit before that if you want - we love having the posts all lined up and scheduled in advance.

And if you have already submitted your post: THANK YOU!

Happy Birthday, Friends!

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  1. So glad the response was so positive. Looking forward to reading all the posts. Will be checking out both the Twitter and blog links. Love making new connections.