Friday, July 27, 2012

#Kinderblog2012: Question numero cinq!

Hello friends! I love that you are all still with me, and that more people are slowly joining this challenge.

I thought it was time for a change of pace this week, so here's a little something different, and his week's "question" is actually a photo blogging assignment:

Choose 5 objects from around your home (NOT your classroom!) that tell us something about you: as a teacher or as a person. Take pictures of the objects and post them with captions. The real challenge here: the captions should be no longer than a regular tweet-- that is, 140 characters.

Fun, right?! Don't forget to post a link to your response here in the comments. Now, go get your cameras and get going!

Smiles and sunshine;

Monday, July 23, 2012

#Kinderchat is hiring!!!

Ok, if we HAD a "Help Wanted" sign, imagine it was hanging right here, because #kinderchat is hiring! This amazing community has grown so much in just 2 short years, and the fact is: it's time to grow.  So many of you know so much more than we do, about so many things, and it seems a little silly to NOT be taking advantage of all the genius of our community.

I know what you're thinking: "But really, what does it pay?" Let's get that out of the way right now: we don't have any money to throw at you. You will get the same compensation we get: involvement with something fresh and exciting, input into our ideas and projects, practice with tech tools that may be new to you, and stronger connections to the entire #kinderchat network. Plus, you get to hang out more with us and the rest of the #kinderhood. Being a part of "behind the scenes at #kinderchat" is FUN, we promise. On a more serious note, these tasks could also be added to your professional growth plans/reports, and may possibly count as PD hours, depending on how your district or school feels about these things.

The first open positions are for chat moderators, with other positions to come in the next few weeks.

If you want to know more about being a moderator, click here for the job description.

If you already know us well enough to just dive right in, click here for the application.

Looking forward to adding some friends to the backstage party!

Amy & Heidi

Thursday, July 19, 2012

#Kinderblog2012: Question numero quatre!

Ok, before I start this, can I just say how impressed I am with the calibre of last week's entries?
Seriously, friends. You all are awesome, and this makes me suspect that you also allow your students to demonstrate their learning in a way that is interesting and engaging for them, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Please continue with the creative entries - it is adding a whole other layer to this blogging challenge!

On to this week's question. It is pretty short and sweet, but I have worded it 2 different ways, so feel free to choose whichever one resonates more with you:

Version 1: If you had not become a teacher, what other field or line of work would you have pursued?
Version 2: If you had to quit teaching tomorrow, what would you do instead?

As always, feel free to adapt as necessary to fit your actual position, BUT (and I usually don't put constraints on your answers, but I feel like this is necessary, here): think BEYOND the field of teaching. Saying "if I didn't teach kindergarten, I would teach preschool" is NOT pursuing another field or line of work.

As always, please tweet your post as well as posting a link here in the comments.

Ok..... GO.

Smiles and sunshine;

Friday, July 13, 2012

#KInderblog2012: Question numero trois!

Ok, now that we are all back from #edcampkinder, it's time to get back to blogging, isn't it? (Sidebar: #edcampkinder was a 3-day face-to-face meet up in Las Vegas, attended by 10 amazing #kinderchat teachers. It was nothing but awesome. (Also, the hottest day in Vegas in FIVE YEARS occurred while we were all there. Coincidence?) We are already working on a similar plan of some sort for next year, and YOU SHOULD ALL COME, TOO. Finally, a shout-out to the great folks at SDE and I Teach K, who welcomed us so warmly and shared space so generously. End of sidebar.) And yes, you say that correctly, I just put parentheses inside parentheses. Where's my cookie?

BACK TO BLOGGING!!! Here is this week's question:

Tell us about your pet peeves. Do it however you want: write a list of 50 things that drive you crazy, or an essay about just one thing, or story combining several things, or write a song, or some limericks, or an epic poem. A photo essay! A slideshow! Video journalism! Stand up comedy! The sky is the limit, just tell us what grinds your teeth as a teacher (or an administrator, or a program director, or in whatever capacity you are joining this challenge.) (Yeah, parentheses again. I think I need an intervention.) Be careful: your blog is public, and you never know who is reading. Be positive and professional, but tell the truth. You can do it.

I believe in you.

And also, pretty please with sugar on top: please remember to post the link to your answer in the comments for this post. Thank you. You are all wonderful and adorable and I love you.

Smiles and sunshine from The Canada;

Saturday, July 7, 2012

#Kinderblog2012: Question numero deux!

Ok, folks, here it is. Thanks for being patient with me while I was off playing. Yesterday started with a parade, ended with fireworks, with all sorts of fun and deliciousness  in between - a perfect day, but truly without a single moment to share the next #kinderblog2012 assignment. Without any further ado:

Tell us about one (or two, or a few) of the classrooms you have had over the years. Not the kids, the ROOMS. What have you  loved? What have you hated? How did you FEEL in the space? What did you DO with the space that, looking back, seems ridiculous? Or brilliant? We all spend so much time in our classrooms, we really do develop a relationship with the physical space. Tell us about that (those) relationship(s).

Also, a reminder: when your post is done, please post a link in the comments here, as well as tweeting it out using the #kinderblog2012 hashtag. We are desperately trying to get a sense of how many people are participating, and having everything rounded up in one place helps a lot.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far, and if you're just joining us: come on in, the water is fiiiiine!

Smiles and Sunshine;

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A special #kinderblog request

Wow, I am so overwhelmed by the response to the blogging challenge; have we ever grown since this time last year! You guys are all amazing, and it is so nice to get a peek inside your classrooms and minds, and get to know you in more than 140 characters.

Heidi and I were chatting the other night about how cool this challenge is, and how much we are loving reading everyone's reflections, and we have a favour to ask:  to help us keep track of everyone, and to give us an idea of how many people are participating, can you take a moment to post a link to your response in the comments for each week's assignment? I know some of you have already done this for the first question, and if the rest of you could go back and do so, we would really appreciate it. This way, if anyone joins the challenge midway through, there is also an easy way for them to catch up with everyone.  It might also help drive a little more traffic to your blogs, and that is NEVER a bad thing!

Ok, new question comes up tomorrow - get your thinking caps warmed up.

Smiles and sunshine;