Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Challenge: Question the Fourth!

Hellllooooo Kinderbloggers!

Okay, last week we talked about parents, so this week, let's talk about kids. No. Let's talk about ONE kid.

Tell the story of one specific child, who walked into your life and changed everything.

We've all had that kid, at least once.

I know I don't really need to say this, especially after last week's post, but please, remember, to tell the story in a way that respects that child, their dignity, their privacy.

That's all.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blog Challenge: Question the Third!

I know, I KNOW. I have not yet finished my own response to the 2nd question, and here I am, posting the 3rd. What can I say, this is apparently a perk of being in charge of this here little challenge. Plus also, the second question is hard! And long! WHO PICKED IT, is what I would really like to know...

(Oh, right. It was me.)

Moving right along, I thought we would move away from Memory Lane for a while, and toward The Land of Imagination.

Imagine that a parent of one of your students, stumbling around the internet, happened to land on your blog. Not your class blog with your cute photos of all your munchkins and their amazing brilliant work. Your personal teacher-reflection blog, the one where your intended audience is mostly other teachers. Pretend that parent managed to figure out exactly who you were, and that you were their child's teacher. What would you want that parent to know? What would you say to that parent? Write the letter that you would want that parent to read.

Ready? Set? Go.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Challenge: Question the Second!

Wow, if you haven't checked out people's answers to the first blog question, you really need to. (Go to twitter and search for #kinderblog. You'll find links to stories of Becoming A Teacher.) I know I was the last one to post (unless Heidi pulls something together between now and midnight...), and to tell the truth, it was partly because I was enjoying taking so many little jogs down the alleys of my memory.

And since we're all down memory lane anyway, our second question will take us even further (and if you didn't get to answer the first question, no problem. Jump in right now, the water is fine!):

Tell us about the teacher preparation you attended. (You don't have to name the school if you don't want to.) Did you love it at the time? Did it prepare you adequately for teaching? How did you feel about it as you were in it? Does it look different now, looking back? Would you change it if you could? What did get out of it? What did you not get that you needed?

As always, when you're done, tweet the link with the #kinderblog tag, so we can all find each other.

Happy writing!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Challenge: Question the first!

And, it's on: The Great Kinderblog Summer Blogging Challenge begins... now!

Tell us the story of the first group of children for whom you were "Teacher." Maybe it was at a school, but maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was a childcare centre, or a daycamp, or a swimming pool or a dance studio or a hockey rink.  Maybe it was in your own home, or their home. Who were they? Who were you? What did it FEEL like? Maybe it was amazing. Maybe it was terrible. Either way, there is a story there. Tell it.

Don't forget: when your story is done, tweet the link using #kinderblog, so we can find you! 


P.S. I know I PROBABLY don't need to remind you of this, but...  remember that, for most of us, our blogs are public. The possibility exists that, at any time, your boss, your colleagues, your students or their parents, could stumble upon what you write. Please be mindful at all times of privacy and safety, for both you and your (past, present, future) students.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#kinderblog Blogging Challenge!

Okay, folks, based on the responses from Twitter, it seems there are at least a few of us who are up for a kinderchat blogging challenge. Yay! Confession: the origin of this idea may have been a little self-serving, because I really really want to write more this summer, and isn't it always easier to stay motivated with an exercise buddy or two or three or four? Furthermore, let's make no mistake here: writing IS an exercise. The more you do it, the easier it is. Like our students, we become better writers by writing. So, let's write!

I've been wrestling a little, trying to come up with a brilliant format for this whole thing.  It's easy to fall down the rabbit hole of creating a badge for our blogs! And linking to one another! And are blog rings still a thing? How do we make one? And then (thank goodness) my summer brain spoke up and said "Dude. It's summer. Keep it simple." (My summer brain is somehow slow and wise at the same time.) I also want this to be accessible for people who are new to blogging (maybe this will even inspire some of you to START blogging?!..)  So, simple it is.  Here's the scoop:

  • The challenge will last for 6 weeks, beginning this week. 
  • Every Wednesday, I will post a new question or topic. I'll probably tweet it, too, so make sure you are following me (@happycampergirl) as well as the kinderchat account (@kinderchat123).
  • Ideally, we will all do all the questions, but if you miss a week, or a topic doesn't inspire you, or you want to join partway along, no worries. If you join late, you can start at the first question, or just jump into the middle. (See? Simple.)
  • When your post is ready, tweet the link and tell us! Wait, we should have a hashtag...  
  • When your post is ready, tweet the link and tell us, using the #kinderblog hashtag.
  • When you read someone else's post, COMMENT on it. Seriously, getting a comment on a blog is like getting a gold star on a math test. 
So, if you're in, let me know in the comments. Include the link to your blog, and I will be sure to add you  to the blogroll on this page. (That list over there to the right? That's the blogroll.) If you have topic suggestions, add those to your comment, too. Ideally, our topics will be reflective and thought-provoking, with a balance of fun and serious.

Come on, blog with us! All the cool kids are doing it!