Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blog Challenge: Question the Third!

I know, I KNOW. I have not yet finished my own response to the 2nd question, and here I am, posting the 3rd. What can I say, this is apparently a perk of being in charge of this here little challenge. Plus also, the second question is hard! And long! WHO PICKED IT, is what I would really like to know...

(Oh, right. It was me.)

Moving right along, I thought we would move away from Memory Lane for a while, and toward The Land of Imagination.

Imagine that a parent of one of your students, stumbling around the internet, happened to land on your blog. Not your class blog with your cute photos of all your munchkins and their amazing brilliant work. Your personal teacher-reflection blog, the one where your intended audience is mostly other teachers. Pretend that parent managed to figure out exactly who you were, and that you were their child's teacher. What would you want that parent to know? What would you say to that parent? Write the letter that you would want that parent to read.

Ready? Set? Go.


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