Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Challenge: Question the Second!

Wow, if you haven't checked out people's answers to the first blog question, you really need to. (Go to twitter and search for #kinderblog. You'll find links to stories of Becoming A Teacher.) I know I was the last one to post (unless Heidi pulls something together between now and midnight...), and to tell the truth, it was partly because I was enjoying taking so many little jogs down the alleys of my memory.

And since we're all down memory lane anyway, our second question will take us even further (and if you didn't get to answer the first question, no problem. Jump in right now, the water is fine!):

Tell us about the teacher preparation you attended. (You don't have to name the school if you don't want to.) Did you love it at the time? Did it prepare you adequately for teaching? How did you feel about it as you were in it? Does it look different now, looking back? Would you change it if you could? What did get out of it? What did you not get that you needed?

As always, when you're done, tweet the link with the #kinderblog tag, so we can all find each other.

Happy writing!

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