Friday, January 18, 2013

Love Can Win

A short and a sweet one, today, friends.

You might have noticed it, over there to your right. In the sidebar. The green tree, made of handprints. If you look closely, you will see that there are 26 handprints in all. 20 small ones. 6 larger ones. The Sandy Hook Promise.

If you click on that tree,  they have explained it ever so much better than we ever can, but, put simply: The Sandy Hook Promise is a grassroots movement, started by the people of Newtown, to open dialogue about creating safer communities.

It is a real organization, not an internet meme.
It is not just about gun control.
It is not just about mental health.
It is not about turning our schools into fortresses.
It is about changing Newtown from a place of tragedy to a place where change began.

We at #kinderchat support the Sandy Hook Promise. We have read through their site and signed the pledge, along with hundreds of thousands of others, from all over the world, who believe it is time to stand together with the Sandy Hook community, and call for change.

On that horrible dark day just over a month ago, the world felt so scary. We felt so helpless and useless and small. Nothing can ever ever fix what happened to that school, that town, our world, on that day.

But this is one small step toward making some good come of what, for us, was one of the most difficult days of our careers.

Please visit the site. Please sign the pledge. Please display the badge on your blog or site. Please write about it and post about it and pin it and tweet it.

If you are American, please contact your lawmakers and express your support for changes that will make our schools and communities safer.

Not with guns. Not with armed guards.
With support services. With resources. With education.

With love.
Love can win.
It has to.

All our love;
Amy and Heidi
#kinderchat co-founders

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