Monday, March 21, 2011

*New Feature*

Hi Everyone!
Heidi here! Just a reminder that there is no formal #kinderchat tonight! I think we've all earned a week off for *Spring Break* 2011 to recharge. I know Amy will be cocktailing around the hashtag tonight introducing her colleague to the wild world of twitter we all love.

While having formal topic rotations to hang our hats on provides an important focus, so too is "playtime" and unstructured time. That said, we are introducing our newest feature


If you haven't yet noticed, topics are colour coordinated by the rainbow
Red: Reflection and Assessment
Orange: Work
Yellow: Classroom Life
Green: PLAY
Blue: Special Topic TBD
Indigo: Professional Life
Violet: Technology

and now....drum roll please!

basically a no-topic, cocktail, informal time to chat! We'd like to extend an invite to companies and products to participate- great time to run a special! So join us for our prequel tonight!

The first POT O' GOLD is scheduled for April 18!

See! You can find the end of the rainbow! Right here on #kinderchat!

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