Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Archive to Curriculum Areas Topic: Gross Motor Development, Feb 28

Sorry for the delay on this one folks. WhatTheHashTag, our usual archive service, appears to be out of order indefinitely, so I tried something new. As it turns out, tweetdocs.com makes even more beautifuller (hmmm, perhaps I have been reading a little too much Junie B Jones...) archives! I love love love the rainbow at the top, and that everyone's twitter avatars appear in the document.

Go ahead, admire how beautiful you all are! Click here for the archive!

Oh, and on behalf of my stir-crazy, cabin-fever-riddled children, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed such amazing, creative, and FUN ideas for incorporating more gross motor activity into my classroom routines. Thanks to all of you, my students will not only survive this interminable cold snap, they might just thrive...


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