Monday, August 4, 2014

#Kinderblog14, week 5: Arts & Entertainment

Holy crippity-crap, it is Sunday, isn't it? And that means you folks are waiting for another challenge.

Ok, here goes:

Arts and Entertainment:

When you spend all day in a room with young children, there is no avoiding the moments where it is all you can do not to bust out laughing.

What are the parts of this job that make you laugh the hardest (or work the hardest to KEEP from laughing)? Share examples if you want -- we all have our stories that should go in a book some day!

Because, let's be honest: it really DOES resemble a circus, some days!

Remember to tweet your post using the #kinderblog14 hashtag, and to post the link in the comments here, and/or on our Facebook page.

Smiles & Sunshine;

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