Friday, August 15, 2014

Help Wanted! That's right, #kinderchat is hiring!

... yup, that is right. The time has come once again for us to hang out the "help wanted" sign, because:


For the 2014-15 school year, we are recruiting chat moderators, and (NEW THIS YEAR) official kinderchat pinners!. The compensation is beyond price (this is a fancy way of saying that we have no money with which to pay you), and includes:

  •  Involvement with something fresh and exciting
  •  Input into our ideas and projects, 
  • Practice with tech tools that may be new to you
  • Stronger connections to the entire #kinderchat network. 
  • Opportunities to grow your own PLN
  • The FUN of being "behind the scenes" at #kinderchat 
  • Depending on how progressive your administrators and/or school district are, your involvement could possibly count as PD hours. 
Ready to learn more?

(We have tweaked the topics and categories a little for next year, so even if you have moderated in the past, it is worth a look at the job description!)

The #kinderchat chat moderator job description is RIGHT HERE.
The #kinderchat official pinner job description is RIGHT HERE. (There are multiple pinner positions available, so don't be shy!)

Ready to dive right in and apply?

The #kinderchat  job application (we use the same application for all positions) is right here.

Looking forward to adding some friends to the backstage party!

Amy & Heidi


  1. Do we need to reapply? Janice Comrie

  2. Hi Janice! Yes, if you could that would be great! You don't need a lot of detail, we know you and we'd love to have your voice again! Thank you so much!!!!