Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yell it from the rooftops!

Hello, friends!

Amy here, asking your help with a surprise! #kinderblog assignment. An old friend of mine is working on a project, and is looking for teachers' responses to the following question:

As a teacher, what do you WISH parents knew? 

You can respond in 2 possible ways:
  1. Blog your answer, and share the link in the comments here. You can also tweet the link using the #kinderblog hashtag. 
  2. Contribute your answer anonymously to the shared google document found here
Your answer can be as serious, silly, sincere, or sarcastic as you choose. Regardless of how you choose to answer, please include your location (this can be as general as state/province and country), the level or subject you teach, and the kind of school setting (i.e. public, private, charter, etc.) Please spread the word and the link to all the great teachers you know - participation is open to all teachers at all grade levels.

The answers will contribute to a workshop being developed to help parents help teachers - can you think of any better possible cause?

Now, get writing, and don't forget to share a link to your response in the comments!

Smiles and Sunshine;

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  1. I wish parent understood that kindergarten is not what it used to be long ago. The new kindergarten classroom is every bit of first grade. I am your newest follower.