Saturday, February 18, 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses

Boy, can you ever tell when it is a long weekend, and Heidi and I have too much time on our hands! After a flurry (ok, a blizzard) of frantic DM-ing, we have finally caught up with all the cool kids:

#Kinderchat is (finally) on Pinterest!!!

Next step: we would love nothing more than to feature your blog on our boards. The #Kinderchat Pinterest boards will be hand-curated, geographically organized collection of the best of the best of Early Childhood Education (and ECE relevant) blogs out there. The blogs we "pin":

  • Are written and maintained by real live teachers, for the purpose of communication, collaboration, and community-building (in other words, we don't pin blogs whose primary purpose is (or appears to be) financial or material gain).
  • Reflect current best practices in pedagogy and early childhood education.
  • Are kept current, with regular additions of new content.
  • Are respectful of students', parents' and colleagues' dignity and privacy.
To find blogs like these, we need your help! If you would like your blog pinned to our boards, please take a moment to fill out the form at the link below, requesting that we visit your blog and consider it for pinning. Even if you are not on Pinterest yourself, having your blog pinned will share it with thousands of potential new readers; we are happy to pin the blogs of #kinderchat teachers who are not on Pinterest (yet!). In fact, we will even send you an invitation when you complete the form requesting a pin (assuming we have an invitation available for you!)

Pinterest has some unique terms of service. All responsibility of copyright remains with you. We strongly recommend you visit the Pinterest terms of service. You can find them here.

Ready to be pinned? CLICK HERE to tell us all about you!

Looking forward to pinning with you!

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