Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Break

Hi Everyone!
Heidi here! Enjoying Day 3 of Summer Break from school! As a group, we are either exhausted from the flurry of the end of the school year or already recovering and relaxing on a boat at the lake!

Reflection is a critical process of learning. Our brains and bodies need times of dormancy in order to grow and sprout up to our next level of learning. For this reason, #kinderchat will be on break through the remainder of June and July. We will resume formal moderated chats on Monday August 1st at 9PM EST.

Summer is such the gift of time to spend with family and friends. We cherish this downtime and consider it a vital part of teaching and learning. Many of our best chats come from open topic times, where people freely discuss whatever is on their mind. Please join us in free form chatting and sharing stories and fun throughout the summer and keep each other posted on conferences and your summer work!

As for #kinderchat, here's what's happening on the summer projects list:

-follow and participate in conference hashtags
-collaboratively develop a playful "Core Curriculum" #kinderchat curriculum
-work on class accounts and connectivity
-work the way of the wiki
-learn and incorporate new technology
-formalize and continue networking strategies
-prepare for @naeyc Orlando 2011, baby!
-seek opportunities, scholarships, grant money, sponsors

Ok! Hopefully summertime will be enough time to accomplish even half of this and still have some fun!
All the best for a happy, healthy and fantastic summer!

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