Sunday, February 13, 2011

Resources Wiki

Hi Everyone,
Unleashing the #kinderchat resources wiki. We hope this serves the purpose to help you go back to find the links to the many resources everyone shares each week and saves you some time combing through the archives. (YES! Finally got @india0309 Fine Motor checklist shared!)

I am just learning the ways of the wiki and have found so many wonderful examples of teachers work. Please feel free as always to share links on twitter and in chats and consider adding them to the wiki. We are trying to build an online reference library to help assist Kindergarten and Early Childhood Educators with their work.

Want to convince an administrator to allow more time for play? Help create and build the #kinderchat collaborative library!

wiki wiki wiki
(also will not even mention the pure coincidence that wikis come from Hawaii, where we will all one day convene in tshirts with phoques and ducks on them in a massive worldwide kinderchat f2f conference)

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