Monday, February 7, 2011

Archive to Professional Life Topic: Teacher Absences and Planning for Subs, Feb 7

So, tonight's chat was nothing if not exciting. Our (conveniently timed to coincide with flu season) topic was Teacher Absences and Planning for Subs. There was a lot of useful and thoughtful discussion around the topic, but we also had some new participants, who sort of put our kindergarten courtesy to the test...

Now that the dust has cleared, and I have done a little digging, I really believe it was all a case of sarcasm not translating well in print, especially not in a "room" full of people who don't necessarily know each well. As somewhat of a smartass myself (sarcasm is, after all, my third language), I have certainly had times when a tweet came off sounding far sharper than I intended. That said...  I think that kindergarten teachers are a class act. In spite of a whole scuffle over some (what I am assuming was) well-meant mockery, it seems we also really impressed some ed-tech-twitter-types who had not previously explored our little (but growing) community. It seems we are not only "well-organized" and "impressive," but we are also "nice."

Well-organized, impressive, and nice? Yup, that sounds like a perfect description of nearly every kindergarten teacher I know.

And, if you were one of our "interlopers" this evening, and you are reading this: please come back and see us again next Monday. I promise we will learn to appreciate your humour!

And whoops, before I forget:  Here is the archive!

Sweet dreams to all, and happy 100th day to those who are celebrating this week.

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  1. Was sorry to miss the Kinderchat on Monday. Could have definetly used that since Tuesday I woke up with NO voice. Kind of hard to teach kindergarten when sound will not come out of your mouth ;) Turns out they dismissed early because of snow and we had a snow day today. Thankfully. I am like many others I would rather be in the classroom then try to put subplans together. I spend my whole time worrying about how my kids are doing!