Sunday, July 6, 2014

Extra, Extra, Read All About it: Summer Blogging Challenge is ON!

And, we're off! It is time, my friends, to get this summer blogging challenge off the ground. Here is how it works:

The most important thing to mention seems to be that EVERYONE is welcome to participate in this challenge. Most of us work with young children in some capacity, but that is not a requirement to join us. You can be a teacher of another level, an admin, a parent, a nanny, a student, a trash collector. All that is required is an interest in writing and sharing ideas. Feel free to tweak the challenges to suit your situation - we are flexible and inclusive!

Ok, here is the rest:

1. Every Sunday for 6 weeks, a new challenge will be posted right here, as well as on the Kinderchat Facebook page. We'll tweet it out, too, using the #kinderchat and the #kinderblog14 hashtags.

2. Complete the challenge, and:
    •  Tweet the link to your response, using #kinderblog14 as the hashtag.
    • Share a link to your response in the comments on the challenge post.
    • Share a link to your response in the comments on our Facebook page.

3. If you don't have a blog, YOU CAN STILL PLAY! Here are some options:
    • Start a blog! This is a great and very non-scary way to get started with blogging. Both Wordpress and Blogger are quick and easy to set up, and you are off to the races. 
    • Create a google doc and share the link to that for each challenge.
    • Write your response as a post to our Facebook page.
    • If you can (or want to try) responding to a challenge with photos or a series of photos, use the #kinderblog14 hashtag on Instagram.
4. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: Participate in the discussion!
    •  Follow the #kinderblog14 hashtag on twitter.
    • Read other people's posts.
    • COMMENT on other posts. (This is important, bloggers love comments. It's like having your glitter-covered clip moved to purple so you get to pick a coupon to exchange a sticker redeemable for treasure from the prize box. #snark.)
    • Comment on Facebook.
    • Follow new friends.
The challenge is meant to be fun and low-pressure, soooo:
    • You can start anytime.
    • You can skip a week if you are on vacation, the challenge doesn't float your boat, or you just plan forget.
    • You can pick and choose the challenges that interest you.
    • You can complete the challenges in any order, and go back later to finish challenges you skipped.
That's it for now. Stay tuned RIGHT HERE later today for the first challenge. In the meantime, start your blog, set up your twitter account, follow the hashtag, and start thinking about writing. 

And if you REALLY can't wait: write us a teaser post. Topic: everything we need to know about you, in 200 words or less.

We'll be back....

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