Monday, October 14, 2013

Connected Educators Month: Pub Crawl and Scavenger Hunt

Oh man has it been a blur! Last thing I remember I was watching the sunset in Maine on vacation, next thing I know I'm choosing my outfit for Halloween! What happened?! :D

One thing that has been going strong this October is Connected Educators Month. I'm really excited about this project this year, not only because I've had the opportunity to work on parts of this massive undertaking (hello, scale!) but also because it's forced me to begin the process of sharing with my own colleagues at school. (nope, hadn't seemed to ever gotten to that yet-since 2010).

This month we've just been buzzing with activity- already two FABULOUS webinars under the belt and three more knock-your-socks-off guests to come! Mardelle @learningmurd is a Blackboard genius and I have to say our webinars are the best I've seen on the interwebz, if I don't say so myself! You can see the FAB line-up right here! Ellen Galinsky! Ooey Gooey Lady! RAFFI! and Matt Gomez! Did you know Matt's famous now?! He is! :D

Our Monday chats are on the Connected Educators calendar and you can receive ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BADGES given to YOU by the ACTUAL United States Department of Education. Please let us know if you need a badge for an event you already attended!

That said, next up is an awesome PUB CRAWL at the 8:30PM London time chat and a sure-to-be-crazy SCAVENGER HUNT at the 9PM New York time #Kinderchat! How on earth are we going to do all that?? Take a sneak peak right here:

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