Saturday, September 8, 2012

#Kinderblog challenge: How do you start the day in your classroom?

Well, hi, friends! Who else is just beginning to claw themselves out of the swampy depths of the first week of school? (In other words, please tell me I am not along in being on the couch in my pjs long before 9pm on a Friday night...)

I've been promising a new #kinderblog challenge for some time now, and I appreciate your patience with me. (Although, come on, really? You would have had the time, focus, and energy necessary to blog this past week even if I HAD posted a challenge?). So, without further ado, here is the first official #kinderblog question of this school term:

How do your students start their day in your room? What is the routine they follow once they walk in the door? More importantly,WHY is this your routine? How did you choose it, develop it, refine it? What is the goal and purpose behind why your students do what they do? What do YOU do as the day begins? 

Ok, go!

Don't forget to tweet your response using the #kinderblog tag, and to link to your response here in the comments.

Happy weekend, friends. I have no doubt that it is well-deserved.


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