Friday, August 3, 2012

#Kinderblog2012: Question numero six!

Ok, folks, I think* this is our final assignment for this summer, so let's go out with a bang.

If we're honest, we all have days when, for any number of reasons (lack of sleep, family issues, minor illness, idiopathic crankiness...) we are just not at our best. There are days when, in any other line of work, we would probably call in sick, but we don't because we know the impact of our absence is so great. What are your survival tips and tricks to get yourself and your students through those days in one piece? Special supplies to keep on hand? Treats that get you through? Lifesaving lessons or activities? 

This month, thousands of brand new teachers will enter their first classrooms and face their very first class of students (some of them within just a few days.)  Share the tricks you wish someone had told you (or maybe the tricks you are grateful someone shared!).

Please post a link to your response in the comments here, and don't forget to tweet it out using the #kinderblog2012 hashtag.

*I said "I think" because, if any of you are interested in continuing the challenge, I would be happy to do so. Anyone want to keep going? Should we change to monthly assignments for the school year? Or twice-monthly?

Lots of love, and if you are headed back to your classroom this week - good luck!



  1. Let's keep going... would be great if one of the questions could maybe be about first day activities, I'm always looking for some new ones?

    Anyway, here's my post for today's question:

    1. I am behind again but I think that is a good idea . I also love to learn new ideas for the first week of school

  2. I think we can keep going.

  3. Here is my post for question 6

  4. Top 5 ways I get through those grumpy days.

  5. Just posted my number 6 blog! Thanks to Amy for the inspiration!

  6. Here is my #6. It is short and sweet!

  7. My post is (finally) up at And I'm down for continuing past the summer. i love the motivation to keep blogging when I'm fresh out of ideas myself! :)

  8. I've been following this through applesandglue, and haven't got myself round to actually joining in, but I have loved reading the responses (and comments) and if it carries on, I'd love to join in during the year!