Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome RAFFI

Wow! Who knew we'd be rounding out the year with RAFFI! Its truly beyond our wildest dreams to ever have such an amazing person as our honored guest! There simply can be no better fireworks ending to a fabulous #Kinderchat school year than RAFFI!

More than a super awesome children's singer, "Raffi’s pioneering commitment to honouring his young fans changed the way we came to view music made for children", Raffi has now dedicated his life and work to his organization, The Centre for Child Honouring. His book makes a plea to honour children, families and the earth and lays out a plan on How to Turn This World Around.

Respectful Love
Caring Community
Conscious Parenting
Emotional Intelligence
Safe Environments
Ethical Commerce

Here is his most recent TED talk outlining the Child Honouring vision

Ok, if you are not already on the ceiling with me, here are some of Raffi's motivational songs to help PUMP YOU UP!

"On Hockey Days" highlights good sportsmanship (did we mention Raffi is from The Canada? :D)

And for the twitterverse, "Tweet Me Right" on the role twitter played in the uprising in his native Egypt.

Truly we can't gush enough about this amazing, amazing man of Peace, Song and Leadership. Those of us who work with Young Children know the joy, honesty, warmth and love shared by children each day. Now it's our job as grown-ups to put the same amount of joy, honesty, warmth and love into the world and work to make it a better place.

Leaders of the World continuously look to Raffi to remind them of the seeds of innocence they once sprouted from. From his bio:

Once called “the most popular children’s singer in the English-speaking world” (Washington Post) and “Canada’s all time children’s champion” (Toronto Star), Raffi is a recipient of the Order of Canada and the United Nations’ Earth Achievement Award. 
He has received three honorary degrees: Dr. of Music from the University of Victoria, Dr. of Letters from the University of British Columbia, and Dr. of Letters from Wilfrid Laurier University. He is associated with many NGOs, including the Council of Human Development, the Darwin Project Council, the Center for Partnership Studies, the Center for Children’s Health and the Environment, and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. He is a member of the Club of Budapest.

You can make sure to keep all this goodness in your heart and feet by making sure you have a RAFFI CD or an itune in your music collection. Proceeds help support and advance the @childhonouring vision.

Raffi, the #Kinderchat can never fully express how honored we are to have you with us tonight and be assured you can count on our friendship.

Lets do this, people! Join us tonight, June 11, 2012 at 9PM EST to help us honor this great man! We need U!

With Much Love,
The #Kinderchat

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