Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook Family Forum

So! The Facebook Family Forum, huh?! :D What have we wandered into here?! The land of Facebook! Tangles and all! But you cannot dispute its wide appeal and usage. We believe this is where our Parents are and where we can begin to create a globaled community of Parents and Professionals engaged in dialogue about the joys and challenges of working with Young Children.

So with all its scars, issues and fears, perceived or real, we are using Facebook to host The Official Kinderchat Family Forum inspired and under the direction of @Matt_Gomez.

1. Why is Mr Gomez using Facebook again this year?
2. What kinds of stuff did Mr Gomez post? I don't want pictures of my kids on Facebook.

3. Multiple Choice :D
    A. Looks good, I'm interested! Sign up here for continued help in creating Class Closed Groups
    B. Am not interested (FB blocked, etc) but would like to engage in FB Family Forum. Use this form:

You can "Like" the Kinderchat blog below and be sure to "Like" Kinderchat on Facebook if you want to join this Project!!

Special Thanks to @Matt_Gomez for pioneering this Project and for leading us in this journey! The only way to learn is to risk, try, fail, flounder and yet this has been a great success. We CAN change the world, even if its one "Like" at a time.

Thanks all for your fun, your willingness to Play and your support for each other every day. We are so lucky to have found one another.

Good Luck to ALL as we begin to start school, get to know our new students and Parents. As always, we hope that Kinderchat makes your job easier, more fun and more connected to the world.


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    I love that you are getting together to share resources and ideas. You can change the world!
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