Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, here I was with the whole blog post outlined in my mind and a parent e mail distracted me! And yes, it is after 11 pm and I was going to go to sleep early, but...with my night-owl tendencies and dreaming of #kinderchat here I am!

Tonight's chat was all about Play! To most teachers, children and parents, this seems like a no-brainer in terms of importance and impact on a child's complete education. And it's FREE! No textbook, materials to buy or teacher manuals! Maybe a few of the hotshot newest toys, but we've all seen great things done with cardboard boxes too!

Such wonderful things come out of these weekly Kinderchat conversations. We rolled marbles w @Matt_Gomez, snow painted with @ladyteachkdg and @tori1074 and went snowshoeing with @MariaK and @altheill Of course, this was all filmed by @Mr_Fines on his Flip. :D

It is our greatest hope that we continue to develop the Kinderchat community into a place where we can all feel free to play and to help others experience play as a vehicle to greater learning and joy in life.

Re framing play to help administrators see it as a vital piece of our day may help us extend and better secure its place in future classrooms of our young learners. Google plays, yet our children are being short changed on the very experimentation required for creativity, language development, social skills, discovery and innovation.

Play will continue to be a part of Kinderchat topics and will be discussed regularly. Thank you so much to each one of you who make this the joyful, wonderful place it is to learn, grow, make friends and meet colleagues.

Ok! Goodnight! :D

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